About us

"ARATTA TRAVEL’’ tour operator was founded as a family business in Yerevan, Armenia in 2009.

Since the foundation, the mission of the company has been to develop incoming tourism in Armenia.  For reaching our goals, we adopted a policy to present our small, but rich with national values country to the world, to our tourists, to introduce our history, culture and specific national hospitality from a new perspective.

In 2013  Shant Dadooryan joined  "ARATTA TRAVEL’’ Tour operator and became a family member of ARATTA TRAVEL. Thanks to his great dedication and love towards tourism, the company opened new branches and named them  ARMENIA WORLD.

Shant repatriated to Armenia in 2013 and very soon was fully involved in the life of his Motherland and of course in the operations of the company.

 He is very much interested in mountain climbing and with his own example he is always inspiring the tourists. He offers the most interesting adventure routes for tourists.

"ARATTA TRAVEL’’ Tour operator has been in the market for more than one decade. We have a big experience in organizing different cultural, hiking, mountain climbing, gastronomical, classic, historical, wine and religious tours. We have organized numerous wedding tours, enabling the couples of different nations to enjoy their weddings in Armenian manner.

Moreover, we have organized several christenings for our guests. “ARATTA TRAVEL’’ Tour operator 's team equipped with so much expertise and professionalism is looking for new partners, new directions and new products.